Activity Mobile App


Activity mobile app started as an idea at a campus sponsored hackathon. Students developed an application capable of sharing their favorite hiking destinations. My process began with simple sketches and ended with a clear design.

Project Role

The Challenge

The challenge was not just designing a user friendly layout. I was tasked with incorporating new ideas of my own that would hopefully spark interest in the application.

Paper Mockups

Figure A. Sketching out prototypes

Early Concepts & Final Product

I began by designing different homepage layouts, each with an icon driven navigation bar. For most designs, a map covers the entire page and gives the user their exact location. Mountain icons will pop up if you are near a trailhead. Users will have the ability to set the range of nearby hikes. Other designs list out trails with a brief description. Users will click on the description to reveal more information along with how far they are from the trail entrance. Below are concept illustrations that increase in complexity, some offering a social media aspect with hike sharing features.


I was able to create a user friendly design with attributes capable of bettering a hiker's experience.

This project allowed me to design a tool that I would personally love to use! My passion for outdoor adventures played a major role in the overall app design and function. In the future I hope to work on projects with the same level of intensity and intrigue!

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