ApexCars.Net Study


Apex Cars is a new and used car dealership looking to make a name in the competitive automotive world. The business currently has a responsive website but no mobile app.

The following is a report on the overall usability of an application developed for Apex Cars. For this report a pdf prototype was created featuring similar aspects of what the website has to offer. Specific details in regards to information and content were less significant then the feel and function of the application itself. Three participants navigated the pdf prototype with a task to complete. The participants were watched and heavily questioned during this process.

Study Role

The Challenge

To conduct an in depth study on application development in order to better understand the importance of UX/UI design principles.

Business Canvas Model

I began my research by developing a business canvas model in order to better understand the company's products, infrastructure, customers, and finances.

Paper Mockups

The next step was to assemble a prototype suited for testing.

Figure A. Sketching out prototypes

Information Architecture

I created an information architecture to better visualize the final app and begin organizing rough drafts.

Figure B. Information Architecture

Clickable pdf

Using Balsamic, a wire-framing application, I assembled a clickable pdf for my 3 subjects to test.

Test Results

As a result of what was studied, every page needs to have more information added to minimize the customers efforts. The primary issue is that customers are having to enter information they don't know or having to enter data that they have trouble communicating. This is solved simply by linking customers to pages that already exist and streamlining how customers view information between two different vehicles.


This study taught me important UX/UI design principles. When developing any sort of navigation tool it is imperative to conduct testing. Everyone views information differently, and it is a designer's responsibility to limit confusion and create a user friendly product.

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