Branding a local honey farm and developing a user friendly website.


Mama Q's Family Honey Farm, as the name suggests, is a family owned honey manufacturer looking to make a name in the abstract world of beekeeping. The small business is run by the Quinlan family out of Palo Alto, CA.


Redesign the brand and build a website capable of competing in a market that demands cheap honey.


In order to establish a clear direction I first defined both site goals and user goals. The main site goal is to create a loyal customer by offering an easier path to the product they desire – understanding that numerous other goals will play a major role in the successful development of the brand.




The next step involved prioritizing information. The client needed a website that told their story and in the future sold their product. Recipe suggestions were an additional interest that ultimately did not make the final cut. Moreover, a utility navigation encourages customers to sign up for purchases and newsletters – which can help build a customer relationship.


Wireframes were used as a visual guide for the final composition of the website.


After settling on a wireframe that best organized the necessary content I began to fill in more specific information. The most important information being the products and their prices.

Responsive Design.

Through the use of media queries the website is able to respond to different browser sizes. This will also allow users to easily access the website from a wide variety of devices.


The website's look and feel is primarily modern. I started with simple sketches of barns and mason jars which I later used to develop line icons. I used a warm color palette to portray health and well-being. Mood boards, client meetings, and peer reviews ultimately contributed to the websites final appearance.


After sketching numerous logo designs, these four concepts were further developed into vector graphics. Each logo aims to highlight the "Q" in a different way. By presenting the client with multiple options I was able to better understand the impression they were looking for.

Concept Labels.

Mama Q's honey is bottled at the source. These concept labels aim to match the simplicity of the bottling process and create an environment for the logo to be seen by the client.


Wireframes and low-fidelity compositions formed the final layout of the site. The primary goal was to build an inviting brand that made purchasing honey simple.


This project gave me the freedom to create my own brand while at the same time design under the interest of a client. I learned that developing a brand takes time and requires many "behind the scenes" steps. Client interactions will not always be perfect, and it is up to the designer to create strong lines of communication.