NFL Pocket Pressure Graphic


SMT is an entertainment and sports broadcasting vendor that specializes in virtual advertisements, projected graphics, and camera tracking technology. While working as an intern for the creative and broadcast departments I developed new concepts and graphics.

During the entirety of my internship I was tasked with expanding on an existing concept. This concept attempted to illustrate pocket pressure. I began by analyzing the existing mockups and ended with an entirely new idea of my own.

Project Role

The Challenge

The pocket pressure graphic will essentially help viewers understand the effect that the defensive line has on a quarterback. It will also highlight a quarterback's ability and awareness in the pocket. The existing mockup used a heat map to show where the defense was consistently breaking through the line of scrimmage. While this graphic effectively illustrated pressure it was ultimately too distracting to be shown in real time. The main challenge in this assignment was developing a somewhat unseen graphic that still manages to enhance the story.

Paper Mockups

Figure A. Sketching out prototypes

Problem Solving

After analyzing the data, we decided that the question should not be where is pressure the coming from, it should be how long it takes to reach the quarterback and whether or not the rushers were successful. This new equation (time + success rate = pressure) allowed the design team to quantify pressure based on statistics we already knew.

From this point I took the time to conceptualize a lower third pressure meter. Below is a rough draft.

Figure B. Pressure Meter

Field Projection

At this time I focused on creating a visual representation. One idea that stood out used a simple line to stress the shortest distance between two points. This resulted in a web like graphic in which the 3 rushers closest to the quarterback appear attached by a thin and slightly transparent line. Out of the three rushers near the QB, the closest one is connected with a red line opposed to green. The image below represents a timeline of ideas through digital mockups.

Figure C. High fidelity illustrations

Final Product

Although this product is not ready to air on live television, it helps progress existing ideas. The image below gives a taste of how the graphic will be shown through the lens of a skycam. Using similar technology to the projected first down line, SMT has the tools necessary for projecting this graphic in real time.

I set out to design an original concept that is straightforward, clean, and most importantly practical. In the future this concept will hopefully allow viewers to not only compare the pressure produced by a defensive line but also the ability among elite quarterbacks to adapt.

Figure D. Final product mockups


This assignment forced me to think outside of the information that I had already been given. Once I was able to look at the issue from a new perspective I was able to find a simple solution.

Tasked with working on a project for an extended period of time taught me how to better manage my schedule and properly deliver a product concept to my superior.

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