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If you cannot feed a hundred people, then feed just one.

Our Mission

41 million people struggle with hunger in the US. Our mission is to provide a hot meal everday to whoever wants it and offer it with justice and love.

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Who We Are

People's Kitchen is a group of volunteers who serve hot, nutritious meals at 12:00 NOON each day at the Prado Day Center.

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1 free meal


12:00 PM


Prado Day

Meal Instrucions

Plan foods that are easy to eat and serve. It is difficult to cut items on a paper plate. Foods with bite sized pieces of meat, vegetables, pasta and salads work the best.

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We continue to need additional serving groups for 2018, so you and a few friends can be a serving group - every month, three times a year or whatever works for you.

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Prior to the creation of the People's Kitchen, hungry people were looking in dumpsters for survival food and sharing the food with others who were hungry, homeless, and/or unemployed. Local citizens took this concept of sharing and began serving a noon meal in Mitchell Park. By the end of 1983 there were 22 different organizations participating in serving the meal. The People's Kitchen formed a Board of Directors and became a non-profit organization in 1984. The board made a commitment to serve a hot noon meal prepared and served by volunteers every day of the year.

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Want to Join?
We will invite you to come to another groups serving to get a sense of the operation of the noon meal at the Prado Day Center and to see what we have available to help your meal.
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